What is your strategy to survive in the current economic climate AND for the next 3 – 5 years?


SO your business is (a) worrying about the changing marketplace and/or competition and/or the future (b) showing signs of a downturn (c) suffering and unsure how to change things (d) in need of help NOW…


It isn’t enough to know that you are not alone. That is “cold comfort” unless you can do something about it. Sorry to say that taking action MUST extend beyond you merely sticking to the “old, tried and tested” routines for retaining existing and securing new business.


  • Top strategy firms versus small boutique firms versus independent consultants

  • Consultants with project rates versus per diem rates

  • One-off assignments versus long-term multi-year contracts (or assumed relationship)

  • Ability and willingness to be around for implementation, or not

o        And, most importantly, companies really want consultants that have seen and worked with other firms with similar issues because executives are fearful of making a big mistake that will cost them and their companies great embarrassment.


This sounds obvious – but the issue becomes: how can a company retain a very experienced consultant to think strategically when it’s likely (even though rarely discussed) that the consultant will use knowledge learned at their next assignment, which may be for a competitor?


It’s a balancing act indeed.


The greatest barriers to creating a strategy are time and cost. But, when times are good there isn’t the perceived need to take the time. In a tough climate the focus is, rightly, upon doing what you do to benefit your own and your clients’ business. No cash to “waste” on fancy ideas!  Yet always in the knowledge that others with, aggressive, funded strategies involving sales and marketing are breathing heavily down your neck and using all in their armoury to tempt your clients to one or other of the deals that they seem to have in abundance.


Do you want to do something about it? Something that needn’t cost to small fortune? Something that can relieve some of the daily stresses and give your business a bright future?


If so, CALL ME!: David G Wilson (m) 07919 917150      

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