We Consult

Why “We consult”?
How do frustration, lack of fulfillment and a fair degree of disgust sound for starters? A bit extreme?
I don’t think so. But the best I can do is give you this insiders view of the UK insurance industry. Read on: 
I’ve been in the insurance industry for thirty years and it took me a long time (circa 10 years) to get serious about it! Since then I have worked in a variety of senior roles both external development roles and internal management roles…with and without the development responsibility. I, like many of my peers, enjoy being an insurance broker when it is about delivering the best that you can to your client. Equally despising the industry when COVER, SERVICE and PROFESSIONALISM are deemed secondary to SALES. 
Achieving sales to SME and COMMERICAL/CORPORATE clients has inherited the worst features of personal lines marketing and product commoditisation. Compromise product cover (integrity) to aid strategy to sell on price for market share. Rather than re-invest in repairing products, innovating new products OR improving overall service delivery: subsidise front-line pricing to build and perpetuate “cheap is good” attitude that is reinforced by expensive multi-channel advertising campaigns. Sell hard and often via whichever distribution channel you are able. All the time telling the “valued” broker channel that they are different and better than direct or affinity deals and should sell on quality and service i.e. go head-to-head with the insurers massive advertising spend that brainwashes every level of society! A very successful recipe to rid a broker of much needed funds methinks. But that isn’t intended to sound like the makings of a conspiracy theory.  Read more of this post