No risk of mince overload here!

For the sake of those of you who actually read what’s on my "space" and are friends, colleagues acquaintances, clients, etc. (whether past or present), I felt compelled just to let you know that I have not had a nasty bump on the head, finally lost "it" or become hooked on books about business management and theory!
This article from The Times illustrates WHY you cannot get too immersed in the kind of business speak that made Drop the Dead Donkey required viewing in the 80’s!

Goodbye to glib gurus and their gobbledegook

Although I would always recommend opening your mind to the experiences of others keen enough to share through their writings I MUST urge you to look at whether: it makes sense to you or helps you make sense of something that you have always "kinda gone along with"; there is a need and scope for practical application within your environment; the potential benefits (significantly in the current climate) outweigh the costs.

My babblings can be solely attributed to the final realisation that, rather than "fight the good fight" [for quality, value, loyalty, reward, sustainability and service in insurance] against industry-damaging advertising, fickle institutions and broker inertia by myself, I should make use of the technology that can help us address so many of the problems.
So don’t worry about me losing it but be afraid, very afraid that I have found a platform to garner support and the determination to communicate with like-minded individuals to make sure I can implement THE new collaborative model that has been in development in recent years.
The time is nigh!!!

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