Clay Shirky on the credit crunch and social solutions

Yet again I find myself endorsing the words and wisdom of Clay Shirky! I know I should be on a retainer but he hasn’t responded to my begging emails…yet.

Lessons from a thoroughly modern thinker about getting back to (banking) basics, ideally, within a community environment! If you think he is mad and his thinking must be 50 years out of date it is YOU who is missing out on the possibilities that Enterprise 2.0 offers us NOW!

So, if it’s that glaring why isn’t everyone and every major organisation clamouring headlong to make use? Why do so many stand on the sidelines and scoff?

WELL I suspect that a big part of that is down to ignorance. But it is also because, to get the best out of Enterprise 2.0 you need to be open to collaborate. Share information and ideas with customers, peers and suppliers. I don’t know about you but that is pretty rare, in my experience, within the insurance industry. Even if it weren’t then a lack of trust, respect, values and an aversion to transparency mean that there is an opportunity for the more enlightened amongst us to steal a significant march on insurers, direct writers, consolidators and aggregators.

Let me know what you think. Let’s have some discussion on the subject.



Talking about YouTube – Clay Shirky on the credit crunch and social solutions