Looking behind the curtain: If you like a good conspiracy theory…

…you will just LOVE this! It’s got US Govt., Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bros, AIG, etc. I read it and thought this is gonna be some movie. However, there is a missing ingredient that I just can’t put my finger on. Perhaps you would help. Is it?:
A) Jason Bourne
B) James Bond
C) Lex Luther
D) Harry Potter
Also, if anyone knows of a hollowed-out volcano (ideally South Pacific location) and/or house-trained animal to be pampered in return for infrequent menacing glimpses please let me know.
However, the fact that I am framing this in such a tongue-in-check manner does not necessarily mean that I am writing-off the contents! In truth it is rather hard to believe that more was not known about what was happening within these major institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. I have long been of the opinion that weak willed and self-serving politicians were more likely to be accountable to major global institutions than vice versa. Light touch indeed