Insurance Age (June edition)

I make no apology for confessing that, over the years, I have become an avid reader of insurance publications. The change from reader to willing participant and/or occasional contributor has been borne out of the sense of despair when I see the same old cycle, same old mistakes and a consistent lack of any real focus upon customer needs…except when it comes to "the sales process".
Add to that the propensity for inertia (even apathy) within the broking community when confronted with poor service, lack of values, frequent abuses of "relationships", etc. Brokers prefer to moan rather than act and this could yet prove to be a very costly mistake.
We need to waken up before it is too late. We NEED to have conversations with each other so that we can properly gauge the mood and the issues that could seriously affect your business(es).
Insurers are very quick to point out about the cost and difficulties associated with change. They would do because as large institutions it is very much in their interests to discourage largescale change amongst their primary distribution channel. Think about it!!! They are the one’s who are ill-equipped to cope with change. If change came easy they would be better to deal with than they currently are!?
Most brokers are better equipped to change to meet the current and future challenges. If you "have the hearts and minds" of your employees and care about customer satisfaction you are well ahead of many of your [more high profile] competitors BUT CHANGE IS NOT EASY and it has to be the right kind of change, for the right reasons and MUST be handled carefully…to read on click on the following link.   

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