Talking about CommUnity of Minds

 This is a very interesting article (from The Guardian – see link below) from a website whose participants appear qualified and able to promote a very positive and persuasive argument for change.

OK so there is a real macro economic bias and much talk of USA/Japan/Germany but what I have taken from it is that investment, trade, innovation, quality, value are the hallmarks of change. Businesses built upon sound principles don’t tend to be overly burdened by debt and, therefore, should benefit from leadership that recognises the need to embrace and promote change.

Others may have no option but to review and/or downsize their operation to survive…for the time being! BUT, the longer business leaders ignore the need to re-align their organisation, choosing, instead, to sacrifice staff the further behind their more enlightened competitors they may fall. NOT a recipe for long term success!?    


CommUnity of Minds

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