The future of marketing

This isn’t what the major and/or established players want to hear and, like the former speaker of the House of Commons, they are trying to, at best, resist and at worst ignore because the thought, cost and scale of organisational change is horrifying! This allows smaller companies who are prepared to listen and participate to steal a march and much more. 


Introduction to an evolving world:

The human world has always been evolving. What is different is the speed, and the acceleration, of the change that is occurring within the span of a single lifetime. Change and evolution are now an integral part of the life of every person and every human institution.

Present human institutions and systems economic, financial and political are almost all based on a machine model of static processes that was appropriate for a time when change and evolution were proceeding at a significantly slower pace. Institutions and systems based on a machine model are able to cope and survive only as long as change and evolution are limited in scope. When they are confronted with changes that are too large or come too fast their static processes cannot adapt quickly enough and they break down.

The machine model is both a product of the Industrial Age and a creator of the Industrial Age. Like a machine, institutions and systems based on a machine model have the ability to function with great power but they can fail quickly if change overwhelms their ability to change their static processes.

A different model with dynamic processes is required for business, financial and governmental institutions and systems if they are to acquire the ability to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

A biological model for business and finance:

The biological model is a model of dynamic processes that incorporates change and evolution. It has proven its ability over countless millennia to produce organisms and systems that change and evolve. Not all of the organisms survive, but their components are recycled into new and existing organisms, all part of a proven system of adaptation, change and evolution. Nothing is wasted.

I believe that applying a biological model to business and finance can produce organizations and systems with the ability to thrive on, and create, change. Not all of the organizations will survive, but the systems will recycle the components of failed institutions into new and growing organizations, thus creating a human world that thrives on increasing change.

Objectives of this essay:

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