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Are companies wasting their time on developing a strategy that doesn’t have transparency and sustainability at the core?

There are companies out there with a huge opportunity to "steal a march" on their competitors but they need to open their eyes!

OK, so, if you are looking toward acquisition as the means to achieve growth AND you have a war chest to do it, you MAY be able to find real value out there. BUT increasing turnover and/or adding some key personnel to your current staff will only pay dividends if you have a credible strategy to see you through the further changes that will occur in the next 3/5 years. 

Check the link to this discussion: Discussion: Business Strategy & Competitive Strategy Forum | LinkedIn

Further evidence to support the argument for sustainability can be found here: Open letter to US Government

SUSTAINABILITY: Don’t think, if you are in the financial or professional sectors, that this isn’t relevant to you and your business. If it addresses the issues that have undermined public confidence in institutions (from religious to government) what better opportunity to demonstrate the true quality of your organisation!?

I would be happy to help in any way possible.   

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