Misdiagnosis: Action against medical accidents (Avma)

As reported by BBC an estimated 15% of the 21 million GP consultations result in misdiagnosis. Sometimes with tragic outcomes.

That is a pretty startling statistic! Action call over diagnosis errors

Did you know? Currently there is no legal requirement to record these instances and groups like Avma (http://www.avma.org.uk/) are leading the calls for this information to be recorded.

Of course no-one relishes the prospect of a witch hunt of GP’s…they have a difficult enough job to do!

But, yet again, the public demand is for TRANSPARENCY. I would imagine that this will not "readily forthcoming".

Of course there are those whose demands are borne out of a bitter past experience and it is only right that their cases are treated with the respect they deserve as the first step toward TRANSPARENCY and all the benefits it can bring. There is a need for openness.

Openness about past mistakes. How else can the authorities regain the trust of the public?

I know that admitting ANY error is frowned upon in political circles but, if the alternative is years of wasting money on ever more complicated beaurocracy we will never move forward. Valuable resources will be wasted defending a succession of actions that will further erode the ability to deliver much needed services.

TRANSPARENCY provides a platform to restore trust, to learn from our mistakes and improve (rather than impair) a vital service.

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