Part 2: Succeed by listening to what customers want BEFORE they walk!

This study is more evidence that businesses are beginning to understand that the consumer concept of “value” is expanding to reflect an awareness of both environmental and even broader CSR goals. The data on both consumer expectations and competitive advantage is clear: consumers are seeking out companies that act responsibly. Successful businesses are capitalizing on this trend by re-working their traditional business models to include CSR goals. Consequently, these businesses are positioning themselves to succeed, even in these tough economic times.

The full report is available here.

Here are a few of the key findings:

  • 54% of senior executives polled believe corporate citizenship is even more important in a recession.
  • According to survey respondents, the most important areas of corporate citizenship are: operating with ethical business practices (91%), treating employees well (81%), and managing and reporting company finances accurately (76%).
  • Most of those polled said business should be more involved than it is today in addressing major public policy issues, such as health care, product safety, public education, and climate change.
  • 70% identified reputation as the number one driver of corporate citizenship.
  • More than half (52%) of companies in the poll are designing and offering sustainable products or services.
  • 72% are reducing costs through improved materials efficiency.

Companies Continue to Value Corporate Citizenship, Despite Recession

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