Web 2.0: How to engage with your customers

Each is promoting their brand and goods that they would like you to spend your hard-earned cash on. They both want you to endorse their brand, to promote it to others and remain loyal to it.


Web 2.0 means the end of the……….

•The ‘read only’ Internet

•The ‘tell them how good’ we are Internet

•Traditional ‘push’ marketing strategies (declining effectiveness – nobody listens any more)

•The ‘Brand’ as we know it – People are becoming ‘cynical’ to brands and resistant to brand messages- -the ‘brand’ becomes the customer experience

•The end of the ‘About Us’ web site…..and the beginning of the ‘About You’ web site


Both offer the ability to buy items on-line, are bright, clear, informative and engaging but one offers the best means to listen to, engage with and retain your customers.

Thanks to Dr Jim Hamill (Strathclyde University) for the original insight!

One Response to Web 2.0: How to engage with your customers

  1. Adam says:

    I like this one David. A very good visual summary. Web 2.0 has been one of the biggest buzz words of the past decade, with most people using it *still* unsure what it means. A picture speaks a thousand words.Adam Bishop http://www.RiskHeads.com

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