Marketing: Judge for yourself

The following slide has been presented as the future of marketing (Marketing 3.0). I certainly hope that this is the case because it, very subtly,  reinforces the case I have been making (in previous posts) about the minimum requirements for (1) Better business (2) successful web marketing.

Change – Interdependence – Bottom-up – Transparent – Engaged – Customer – Sustainability – Sharing – Values – Differentiation    

 The deeper message is simple. This is not really about effective “marketing” on or offline it is the public manifestation of the fundamental changes that customers are increasingly demanding from businesses.

Every customer is entitled to expect that the goods and services they buy “do exactly as it says on the tin”!

Hopefully the days when words, such as, INTEGRITY can be used to describe a business value when it is, patently, [by the actions of the firm] merely a word intended to have marketing appeal.

How well placed is your business to benefit from this marketing revolution? Have you thought about your Mission; Vision; Values?

How well equipped are you to capitalise upon the opportunities that web 2.0 presents?

If you have been too busy with financial matters related to the recession that is understandable. BUT don’t imagine that smart competitors, employees and customers aren’t already considering their own future. Do yourself a favour and ask them THEN call me a let me know what you learnt…

…I’m sure I will be able to help because, although I don’t consider myself an expert [at anything!], this “experts” view of “Value-based marketing” bears an uncanny resemblance to the framework I have created and employed when developing my own plans. More news to follow.

Picture taken from AllTop