McKinsey Video Features Unilever CEO Paul Polman on Leadership and Sustainability

Paul Polman knows the consumer goods industry. He has been a high level executive at both P&G and Nestle, and this past January he took over the reins as CEO of Unilever.  And make no mistake about it: Polman knows the importance of corporate sustainability and values-based management, as well.

In the latest video instalment in the McKinsey interview series, titled McKinsey conversations with global leaders, Polman reflects on a wide range of issues, including the current economic downturn, leadership styles, and the role of business in society.

Every day, two billion consumers use the Unilever brand, and for Polman that reach is intertwined with an even broader social mission, one that keeps the company focused on various CSR initiatives, such as sustainable sourcing, water stewardship, and working to improve hygiene.

“I’d hate, the day when I pass on, to have people talk about me building market share. I’d rather have them talk about me making a difference in society,” Polman says in the video.

Take a few minutes to watch the full interview here