The Truth about money: Money as DEBT

Rothschild banking quote

This video is a pretty long (almost 50 minutes), but a relatively simple, explanation of when, how, why money came to play such a vital role in all of our lives.

To get the most out of this lesson I would recommend:

a visit to the bathroom

a comfortable chair

activated voicemail

an insulated drinks container…so large that it could accommodate a Starbucks barista

cream or hot milk

a jug of fresh coffee – to be poured into the (above) unfeasibly large receptacle

several sweet (fattening and unhealthy) treats

a stress ball OR details of your nearest anger management class

cigarettes and associated paraphernalia ( OPTIONAL in such politically correct times)

All of this BECAUSE the truth about money is that you will rarely get the truth from the people that are best placed to give it! For exactly the same reasons, those whose integrity has been “impaired” by its lure, don’t really want to talk about it in too much detail either.

HOW COME? Easy because its creation is relatively straightforward. That may go some way to explaining exactly why those with most of it or most attracted by it made it so complex!!!