BBC 6MUSIC: More unfathomable institutional nonsense

So the old folks at the Beeb reckon that closing down, what is, by some considerable margin, their best radio offering is a good move!!! Either they, secretly, reckon that a digital future is just a myth or, perhaps more realistically, felt that it would be less controversial to axe a station that isn’t going to bother the average Daily Mail reader. Perhaps they are unaware of the power of the crowd in this digital age and (I hope) that this will lead to another embarrassing climb-down and, inevitable, questions about the Corporation as a whole….Idiots

I wouldn’t mind betting that the 6Music audience are amongst the most creative in UK. They type of demographic that will contribute to the rebuilding of an economy wrecked by the individual greed of many of their Radio 3 & 4 listeners. The BBC seem intent to present themselves as just another “stale institution” and alienating a generation upon whom the could, otherwise, rely to support them…IDIOTS

6Music is a station for people with ears. Some of the best informed, amusing and engaged presenters currently performing. AND why the hell do they think they are able to attract a steady flow of top-notch musicians turned presenters from the medium that radio is ideally placed to deliver: Lauren Laverne; Guy Garvey; Huey Morgan; Jarvis Cocker; Bruce Dickinson; Bob Dylan; Tom Robinson…


One Response to BBC 6MUSIC: More unfathomable institutional nonsense

  1. malcolm says:

    BBC stands for BloodyBoringConservatives!:-When SkyTV`s Murdoch puts Cameron on the lavvy throne power..His part of the blackmail?,shut down the company 1ce + for all! Amen

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