Complexity Management: Not just for “risk professionals”

Tired of S & M?

Yeah me too! But before anyone goes jumping to the wrong conclusion the “S & M” to which I refer doesn’t – in my experience – involve leather, rubber, nipple clamps or similar paraphernalia. IF you have directly experienced any of these in relation to Sales & Marketing of financial services I’m sure that it is something that the Financial Services Authority would like to hear about!

I am referring to Science & Mathematics – of course! – but not the flawed models that brought us to this dire point in the economic history of our society.

OK, as a business owner – you are entitled to roll your eyes and think that quantitative complexity management sounds like something invented to “feed” a new breed of consultants. You know, the type that offer a happy to smile, shake your hand, bamboozle you with jargon, relieve you of your hard-earned cash, at a time when you can least afford it and ride off into the sunset leaving you with the feeling that little has been achieved and any value to your business will be short-lived.


That is NOT the case…HONEST. Trust me I’m a Consultant (of sorts) and former insurance broker!!! Ah, I understand that is never going to be taken as any kind of worthwhile reference. Apart from anything else why should you, or anyone in their right mind, trust reassurances from the financial sector? I DON’T…hence former insurance broker.

Some other, understandable, questions may be:

  • So what do you need to know?

  • Just exactly what is “complexity”

  • How does/can it impact my business?

  • How can do you go about identifying it?

  • How (the hell) do you manage it!?

  • What is it going to cost?

  • What are the benefits to my business?

  • Are there likely to be any tangible benefits for my customers?


I am not able to answer these questions individually in this forum but would be delighted to provide as much information as any business would want (or need) to determine the extent of the potential benefits directly. For more general information about solutions and some success stories please follow the link.

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