World Economic Forum: Risks 2010 – Issues for communities…GET INFORMED


WEF Risks 2010. The WEF report from January this year is not a matter that should be lost in the “heat” of pre-election bullshit over, what are, essentially local issues.

Of course,  there are HUGE issues, like wars on foreign soil, national debt, unemployment, etc. but much of these are symptoms of a greed culture (the “culture of me”) that marginalises &/or disrespects the needs of the wider community. Manifest in the lack of governance and integrity demonstrated by our political and financial leaders.

Of course in this modern, inter-connected, world “Community” has taken on new – or renewed – meaning  and sit in a number of domains.

Concerned communities representing the “culture of we” should not be distracted by local issues and cannot allow those in the positions of influence to abuse their power in the manner that they have. If we do not press them to pursue solutions to the issues that affect us all, globally, they will content themselves with the smokescreens of name calling, non-dom. residency, televised debates, “leaders wives”(!) and related trivia.

Both of these graphics provide a pretty concise means of gaining a view of the “big picture” AND demonstrate the sheer scale, inter-connectedness and complexity of global world. But, what they also clearly demonstrate to me is that this translates back into our communities an irrefutable INTERDEPENDENCE. A NEED to work together…SELFLESS NOT SELFISH…for a more ROBUST future when the only certain thing is that UNCERTAINTY will impact every domain.

imageIf you would like to view all of the information for yourself please follow this link to a great “info graphic”  that enables you to view the WEF assessment of the various risks from a variety of information yourself.

IF you choose to do that you will note that, whilst I have inserted a graphic relating to “Financial crises” (yes that is plural!) I have not inserted the graphic relating to “Asset price collapse”. Why? Because it would probably look like I was intent on using the most “extreme”, or, in terms of the WEF report, most likely risk to illustrate a point in relation to the urgent for a dramatic overhaul OR ADDITION to the conventional management of risk.

Each and every graphic “snapshot” and every meaningful report on risk (from some of the largest, most prestigious firms, keenest commercial and academic brains) illustrates and refers to increased or increasing complexity and the threat that this brings.

None have yet provided a worthwhile tool with which to commence the process of identifying solutions…


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