Genius Transparency to Lead Innovation

An interesting and thought-provoking piece from Brain Leaders and Learners

Gridlock feeds ego and shuts out brainpower while transparency fosters innovation and increases trust.

The more gridlock we see, the more open exchanges get lost. Have you seen bullies and cynics keep ego alive by banishing transparency through backdoor deals?

Flawed leadership, whether called democracy or dictatorship generates gridlocks that block creative brainpower.

Never before in history have we needed more successful innovators who rev up mental equipment for innovation.

It’s true that Barak Obama, Bill Gates, Ursula Burns, and Hillary Clinton communicate see-through stories to leave no brain is left behind. Still, leadership openness is rare. Why so?

Dave Caiazza, put it this way:

Work against the dangerous twins of jealousy and hypocrisy. They come disguised as concern, shrouded in statistics, and hidden behind a smile. When you’re good at something, there will always be someone who wants to undo you. Don’t let them.

Transparency takes brainpower to tackle toxins from cynics who broker backdoor deals. How so?


1. Awaken more intrapersonal intelligence so that others will be led to respond openly to ethics that tend to follow.

2. Respond to confrontations by snipping your amygdala and peers often repeal demands spoken.

3. Spot opportunities within broken systems – and others tend to join with like minded willingness to risk riding transparency’s surf.

4. Relate neuro discoveries that resolve conflicts and reasonable parts of your brain win supremacy.

5. Offer mental olive branches to people who disagree and they tend to collaborate without forcing their views on one side.

6. Hone brainpower tools for peace rather than promote war where gridlock battles begin.

7. Suggest simplicity that adds intelligence to replace mental clutter with clear ethical practices that hold dividends for all.

8. Avoid hidden traps of cynicism by building transparent tone to open segues for all to speak and feel heard.

9. Brainstorm solutions with innovative peers rather than join in with naysayers who toss toxins into the mental mix.

10. Activate, encourage and open communication that sparks innovation, rarely found in tragic traits of a cynic.

Step into any gridlock situation and you’ll spot far more routines, ruts and rituals, than innovative designs can survive. Have you seen it?

Luckily, newly discovered mental equipment offers tools such as new neuron pathways to dynamic innovation. See why transparency’s not possible when ego generates gridlock?

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