Value Networks: Part 1 – A simple introduction

Take a look at this graphic. It simplifies the basic message extremely well…wish I could have done it! It is from an excellent blog item: The Power of Non-Competitive Alliances although it only touches upon the benefits to be had by ALL STAKEHOLDERS.

Value network (competitive_scoring)

Of course we know…because we have been brought up with it…that competition is good.

But, wait a minute that sounds worryingly close to “Greed is good” and anyone who still believes this still has any validity is on the wrong blog!      Go download some porn or check your portfolio ‘cause you probably won’t get the the rest of this piece. Although I would recommend checking this item out: I saw you coming

Competition CAN be good but co-operation can deliver so much more to existing and prospective customers.

co-operation – sharing – interdependence – network

The obstacles to embracing the above have been cultural because that’s what many people (particularly in business) were programmed to believe. But there was also the small matter of the communication tools to provide an infrastructure for such a frame work.

Well, guess what! The obstacles are, all but, gone and the chance is here NOW for early adopters to be able to capitalise upon the opportunities that are available.

Networks of right-minded are set to become THE force for established models to reckon with. Look out for Value Networks: Part 2

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