Guide to Sustainability Trends, Metrics and Regulation

A new breed of business leaders has emerged and is redrawing the global playing field around a new set of competitive advantages and relationships with customers, employees, and other stakeholders, developing creative and commercially viable solutions for addressing our daunting and urgent global challenges. The“Sustainable Enterprise” has become the new baseline and a clear business imperative. 

Socio-economic lessons from nature: Interdependence NOT overdependence

Sustainable DC five_principles If you’re curious about what’s new regarding sustainability reporting, sustainability investments and sustainability regulation, I suggest you spend a few minutes with the newly released CSR Insight Report, available at (registration required).

The 93-page report gives a comprehensive overview of the field, including perspective on a variety of fundamental factors, including:

  • sustainability performance and reporting trends,
  • sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) philosophy and strategies,
  • key drivers of sustainability and sustainability reporting, and
  • sustainability metrics –methodology, monitoring, and verification.

New CSR Insight Report Is Guide to Sustainability Trends, Metrics and Regulation | 2Sustain

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