Is Your Right Brain Under-Developed?


In his book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, best selling author, Tony Schwartz reminds us that the right hemisphere of our brains tend to be under-developed. He quotes neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor’s mind-bending experience of left brain dominance until after suffering a near death stroke.

Schwartz highlights numbers that say it all:

80% don’t feel fully engaged at work every day.
60% get away from their desk for lunch less than twice per week.
40% leave at least one week of vacation unused.
70% check their email on vacation or days off.

To spark your creative process:

Schwartz suggests things anyone can do to spark the right brain and work better right now.

1. Break every 90 minutes to renew and recharge.

2. Eat small portions of energy rich foods every three hours.

3. Avoid frustration or anxiety when stressors hit, by breathing deep.

4. Tackle important tasks first thing in your day – when brainpower is high.

What do you do to ensure your right brain is taking care of you – and your work – as it’s designed to do daily?

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