Global financial risk: BBC Paul Mason’s view on VIX index

I am a regular follower of Paul Mason’s (I have previously recommended his excellent book – Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed) but, on this occasion I beat him to the punch! I drew attention to the relevance of VIX in my blog on 21st May!!!

But it may be hugely significant so I make no excuse in passing on the contents of his blog 


The VIX Index is the nearest thing we have to a global Geiger-counter of financial risk. This is how it’s trending since the Eurozone crisis kicked off. I’ll be blogging more on this and covering the slide on the financial markets later. For now I leave you with the following thought: the VIX is nowhere near the highs it reached after the TARP failed and global contagion took off. But it is higher than it was on the day Lehman collapsed.

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