“Too Big To Manage?”: Or how NOT to interpret or tackle complexity…ever!

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Too Big To Manage: A particularly interesting title for a piece that then goes on to advise tackling different “strains” of complexity by methods including an employee questionnaire, role profiles, accountability and avoiding disagreement between Executives!

Oh well…glad that’s sorted!

Complex World

  • The Situation: Companies are dealing with increasing amounts of complexity. Sometimes it’s the good variety, wherein a large business derives value from multiple product lines or diverse units. Other times, it’s the bad kind, involving dysfunctional management or burdensome regulations.
  • Our Advice: Companies must deal with complexity by understanding how it affects the way each person does his or her job. An in-depth questionnaire, for example, can discover where problems exist in the organization, but also where the potential exists to add complexity of the good kind.
  • The Payoff: Once a company better understands its own issues of complexity, there are various strategies for either reducing complexity or increasing it. Both can improve a company’s overall efficiency and productivity

What I really want to know is WHO ARE THE 900 COMPANIES THAT THEY SPOKE TO? I wonder if any of them were among the 1500 that IBM spoke to about complexity…if so some will be suffering “complexity fatigue” without even knowing what complexity really is but understanding only that it’s scary and gives you a very sore head!!!

Surely they/we, or anyone seeking McKinsey expertise on the subject, are entitled to expect a bit more than this. It certainly ISN’T QUANTITATIVE and beyond that I am struggling for a suitable category.

Please read the article. There is even a video and a podcast. But PLEASE, if you have any concerns about the impact of complexity upon your business…and you should…forget the questionnaire and talk to people who can give you some genuine insight into your business, identify how robust the business structure is and where the “repair work” needs to start. All from the type of data that you capture on a regular basis. Totally objective and quantitative

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