Manage complexity and add 5% to earnings! OK, so don’t take my word for it…

Just about everything you hear about COMPLEXITY is negative and still people look at you like you just tried to sell them a plot on Mars when you talk about the ability to offer, genuinely (that’s right in the original sense of the word not in a marketing sense!), unique solutions.

It does get better though. Because whilst some high profile firms seem intent to scare their customers into parting with some more Consultancy fees…and don’t seem too advanced when it comes to effective solutions, AT Kearney are blazing a trail!

SO, if Ontonix ( can’t score major new clients to add to the current impressive list, when firms such as IBM, McKinsey & AT Kearney and “scholars” such as Einstein, Ulrich Beck and Nassim Taleb are IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM, QUANTIFYING THE FINANCIAL & RISK BENEFITS and can only dream of offering TRIED and TESTED, 100% QUANTITATIVE, SOLUTIONS such as those of ONTONIX…then I reckon a career selling chunks of some far flung planet doesn’t sound so bad after all!!!

Manage complexity and add 5% to earnings! OK, so don’t take my word for it… …80 year old Global Consultancy firm AT Kearney (ATK) say so. ATK appear to have a better understanding of complexity than most. So, I will happily let them tell you that, even by  using the methodology they outline below, they claim that managing complexity will add up to 5% to earnings. I hope that’s got your attention!? Because it gets even better. WE BELIEVE THEM but can’t help but wonder how much more could be achieved if their means of calc … Read More

via A heid full of mince but at least it’s my mince!

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