Gifted leaders ask What if questions in 10 (brain compatible) ways that:

  1. Show genuine openness to hear, learn and grow from another’s wisdom.
  2. Offer respect and concern to the person asked.
  3. Draw out talent from people, by showcasing what they do well.
  4. Offer another person the chance to shine by the expected answer
  5. Indicate a curiosity that carves out a pathway for the answer to build forward
  6. Come clothed in humility that only those who ask and listen can possess
  7. Hold no bias and instead show openness to learn and grow together.
  8. Inspire others to wait around to hear the exciting responses triggered.
  9. Communicate with tone that creates space for a genuine answer
  10. Build goodwill among those who may disagree by answers offered.

What if questions may ratchet up leadership skills, but they tend to be harder to ask than most people recognise. Would you agree?

From: Brain Leaders and Learners

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