The UK government is duplicating efforts on Swiss accounts

I hate being taken for an idiot then treated like one again and again and again! But, I am a voter, have a brain and aWhich has more holes: UK Government policy or Swiss cheese? conscience. So I should be used to it by now I suppose.

Here is another example of the pathetic focus upon creating a "smokescreen" or taking credit for all the things that the Coalition liked about what the previous Government did and rubbishing the things that they now don’t…even when we were in favour at the time.

The mentality is all about "looking like they are doing the right things" in an attempt to convince people (particularly rating agencies) that they are serious about the task in hand…EVEN THOUGH FOCUS UPON SHORT TERM RESULTS WITHOUT DUE CONSIDERATION OF A WORTHWHILE AND SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY HAVE CONTRIBUTED GREATLY TO THE MESS WE ARE ALL IN…thanks to a lethal combination of – you guessed it – Politicians and Bankers!!!

In an effort to look tough on tax avoidance, the UK government is trumpeting the agreement that it has signed with Switzerland to begin negotiations to make Britons pay tax on their Swiss bank accounts. In reality, the EU Savings Tax Directive is already set up to do that, demonstrating that the government’s sabre-rattling offensive is populist and misguided.The declaration of intent between the UK and Switzerland to start negotiating on tax issues follows meetings between the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and the Swiss finance minister, Hans-Rudolf Merz. Formal negotiations are expected to start in early 2011.

However, the UK chancellor seems to have overlooked the fact that there is already an agreement that levies tax on all UK nationals\’ bank accounts in Switzerland. It is called the EU Savings Tax Directive and has been in place since July 1, 2005.

via Datamonitor Research Store – The British government is duplicating efforts on Swiss.

NEWS: Ontonix 5th Anniversary!

This month Ontonix S.r.l. celebrates its fifth anniversary.

It is also  seven years since our kick-off meeting at which the architecture of OntoSpace, the World’s first quantification complexity management system, was established. The meeting has been celebrated at the Hotel del Parque in the prestigious Conde de Orgaz district of Madrid and was attended by Abel Pardo, Jorge Vilanova, Rafal Stocki, Gene Allen and Dr Jacek Marczyk (Founder and CTO of Ontonix Srl). At that time the company was headquartered in Washington D.C. and was known as Complex Systems Engineering.

In May 2005 Ontonix LLC was created. In November that same year the company headquarters moved to Italy.

The entire philosophy behind OntoSpace is the result of a decade of work in stochastic mechanics which commenced in 1993 at EADS, CASA Space Division, in Madrid. The core team that was assembled by Dr Jacek Marczyk, in those days relied upon the invaluable contributions of Jorge and Abel. Our work culminated with the launch of ST-ORM – the first industrial large-scale Monte Carlo Simulation system – in 1998 and later in the form of MSC Robust Design which, in Germany, in 2003, received the CADCAM award of the most innovative software product of the year.

Both ST-ORM and Robust Design solved fundamental engineering problems…but also created new ones, the most important being: how to interpret the huge amounts of multi-dimensional data originating from Monte Carlo Simulations? It was this specific problem that sparked the idea of building OntoSpace, a post-processor of Monte Carlo Data.

It is worth mentioning that in early 1997 ST-ORM pioneered, what today is called, “cloud computing” – it searched computational resources on the Internet by means of agents and resource brokers, assembled a Parallel Virtual Computer composed of 70 computers located in 5 European countries and conducted a large-scale geographically-distributed Monte Carlo Simulation of a satellite antenna. The experiment lasted 4 hours, after which the computational resources were freed and the experiment closed. The logic of getting CPUs from the Internet was then christened ASP – Application Service Providing. Today, they call it cloud computing but “substance” remains unaltered.
The first version of OntoSpace was announced in October 2005 after two years of development. The recently launched OntoSpace 2010 is the fifth major release since version one which comes down to one release per year. This means plenty of R&D!!!

OntoSpace has evolved so much that we have been able to actually spin-off other tools from it. The on-line version, known as OntoNet, went live in early 2007, establishing the first Internet-based complexity management system. In 2009 we launched OntoDyn, which was developed jointly with one of our clients (Banca Popolare di Sondrio). In 2010 we announced OntoTest (as well as OntoBench which is a brand of OntoTest created specifically for BI applications).

In mid-2009 the US-based spin-off OntoMed was announced. OntoMed today has two products: COSMOS and OntoCare.

In early 2010 we announced the incorporation of the engineering-focused US-based spin-off Oensys. Oensys will launch, later this year, OntoView, a real-time webcam-based traffic monitoring system which is being developed jointly with Soyotec, our Beijing-based partner.

In addition to growing our business – our customer list is indeed impressive – we have established our local offices in Brazil, South Africa, UK and Poland, not to mention US-based Ontonix LLC which has been operating since 2005.

Our technology has received recognition and various awards: in 2007 we were named Gartner’s “Cool vendor”. In 2008 we received Frost and Sullivan’s Enabling Technology of the Year award. This year we have received best paper awards at a conferences in Brazil and at one in Beijing.

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate our fifth anniversary than by informing everyone of a recent award received by OntoMed on the 25th of October (click the logo):


TiE20 Winners 2010

Software Category

OntoMed LLC (Ann Arbor, MI)

About TiE20

The TiE20 award is presented by TiE, a global, not-for-profit, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurs across its international network sponsored by top venture capital firms and Fortune 500 corporations. TiE 20 is an elite group of Top 20 Early Stage Startups recognized and awarded from among hundreds of nominees at the annual TiECon Midwest, a TiE Detroit annual flagship and signature event.


Our mission

…to help our global society transition to a post-critical state – remains unchanged. It is a formidable task. But because our task is so great and because so many difficulties have to be overcome, the highest probability is that only the best kind of protagonists will join our ranks. Ontonix relies on an outstanding team of motivated individuals whom I wish to thank for their unconditional support and enthusiasm. We are a unique company and we provide absolutely unique solutions and services. We all must be aware of the fact that our exclusive offering is, in many instances, ahead of its time. This is why we are faced with huge challenges – mainly of cultural nature – but also with a tremendous opportunity. Our troubled economy underscores the need for a solution such as the one offered by Ontonix – the moment couldn’t be more opportune. We must not waste this unique circumstance: the World is drowning in its own complexity and we have a solution! This is why Ontonix is much more than a just company. This is why we are not only building a business. We are promoting a new philosophy, and, ultimately, a new way of applying science. With such ambitious goals in mind we must all think big and think global. We will change the face of our global society but we all must be convinced that this is possible. While in human history all great achievements have resulted from the vision of one individual, it is always thanks to his acolytes that visions become reality. It is always a team effort. Hence, my deep gratitude to all of you for being part of this great team and for your continuing efforts and trust.

Dr Jacek Marczyk, Founder & CTO, Ontonix Srl