Information Overload, procrastination & "complexity paralysis"

As a follow-up to recent articles (see below) I thought it worth sharing this blog which, deals more with the sheer volume of information, rather than the IMPACT upon our ability to function effectively in home or work environments.

It doesn’t take too much thought to envisage the toll it takes when so much of the new “streaming” information requires to be, rapidly, deciphered, understood, interpreted and applied to enable you, your colleagues or your organisation to perform whatever task(s) you were undertaking before the tsunami of – distracting or confusing – new information struck!:

The problem is that people don’t have tools to filter information down to the most useful bits with minimal effort. The only choices we have right now are to take everything through our various media sources or shut ourselves off from potential opportunities. Of course that’s a false choice because when we let ourselves be inundated by information we miss things anyway–time is the ultimate arbiter of attention.

via Infographic: Is Information Overload Over-Hyped? | Fast Company.

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