Transparency and transformation:: Being Open Without Giving Away the Store

If you aren’t already aware of Alimeter Group, Charlene Li or Joseph Owyang it may already say all that needs said about your social media strategy!

Whether you dismiss social media as a fad or are waiting for the right time to consider or  implement an SM strategy is, to a certain extent, irrelevant because THE ISSUE is the…understandable…public clamour for TRANSPARENCY.

It is a word that strikes fear into the very heart of institutions so, if Warren Buffett knows anything (and I reckon he does!), there is a HUGE opportunity for those who can afford transparency to “get greedy”.

“What’s often missing when leaders try to decide how open they should be is a coherent open strategy, something I call ‘open-driven objectives.’ With an open strategy, decision shifts from if you should be open—because social technology demands a certain amount of openness—to how open you need to be to accomplish your overall strategic goals. In today’s world, organizations and their leaders must be open or suffer the consequences—distrust, leaks, resentment, and institutional sclerosis.”

via Change This – Being Open Without Giving Away the Store: The Secret Is a Sandbox Covenant.

The term “sandbox covenants” is a new one on me. I get it and I like it! Then again I am a fan of transparency. Primarily because of the number of firms to whom the concept is entirely alien and which, if they are delivering value to their customers, they should be in a position to adopt a strategy with wider market appeal. Of course there are also firms whose model cannot afford transparency and others whose outward appearance belies financial frailty. There are too many examples of collapsed companies whose financial standing has been independently rated &/or certified based upon “unreliable” or outdated information.

Put another way, the need is for more than a common language and platform. In turbulent economic times there  is a need for a reliable,  quantitative, objective and cost effective means of verifying the CURRENT financial credentials of “interested parties” without disclosing sensitive information.

Ontonix Complexity analysis and rating services offer, not only a “common language” but the means to build trust through mutual transparency.

Is YOUR business

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Complexity: A new, comprehensive, metric for project management

Project Management is, to me, a “Art form”! I am full of admiration for people who have the responsibility for, in particular, major construction contracts and recently had the privilege of meeting “the man” with the job at Heathrow T5…now that sounds like enormous pressure to me.  Apart from the range of skills, tools, materials and plant required and, often, widely sourced, there is the small matter of UK weather problems and the looming shadow of penalty clauses.


There is a lot to watch, even with a good team and a detailed Gantt chart. But what does a good PM do about complexity?

The reaction of most would be tell me exactly what to do or where to put complexity!

But what if, by managing project complexity the PM’s role was actually simplified?

That couldn’t happen…could it? Really!? Well think about it. Such projects demonstrate the inter-connectedness of a wide range of tasks and disciplines. They are interdependent components of a “system” created to play their part of the ultimate success of a single project. The common goal.

Well read this article, the result of a collaboration among three of my colleagues at Ontonix.

If you are an experienced Project Manager I would welcome your feedback or any questions for my colleagues.

Childish vs. childlike

Seth Godin keeping it simple and insightful…as usual.


Childish vs. childlike

Childlike makes a great scientist.

Childish produces tantrums.

Childlike brings fresh eyes to marketing opportunities.

Childish rarely shows up as promised.

Childlike is fearless and powerful and willing to fail.

Childish is annoying.

Childlike inquires with a pure heart.

Childish is merely ignored.


Seth\’s Blog: Childish vs. childlike.