Complexity: A new, comprehensive, metric for project management

Project Management is, to me, a “Art form”! I am full of admiration for people who have the responsibility for, in particular, major construction contracts and recently had the privilege of meeting “the man” with the job at Heathrow T5…now that sounds like enormous pressure to me.  Apart from the range of skills, tools, materials and plant required and, often, widely sourced, there is the small matter of UK weather problems and the looming shadow of penalty clauses.


There is a lot to watch, even with a good team and a detailed Gantt chart. But what does a good PM do about complexity?

The reaction of most would be tell me exactly what to do or where to put complexity!

But what if, by managing project complexity the PM’s role was actually simplified?

That couldn’t happen…could it? Really!? Well think about it. Such projects demonstrate the inter-connectedness of a wide range of tasks and disciplines. They are interdependent components of a “system” created to play their part of the ultimate success of a single project. The common goal.

Well read this article, the result of a collaboration among three of my colleagues at Ontonix.

If you are an experienced Project Manager I would welcome your feedback or any questions for my colleagues.

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