All you could ever want to know about why complexity is THE big deal

This video by David Korowicz [Complexity, Economy, Civilisation & Collapse] will answer the questions you may not have even thought to ask yourself (or others). His holistic perspective, born out of inter-disciplinary thinking tells you all you need to know about complexity, the folly of a “silo mentality” and the power of interdependence.

DK provides some superb illustrations including something as, apparently, simple as buying a loaf. At the other end of the scale he deals (briefly) with Thermodynamics and the “unseen” complexity of the Global Supply Chain driven by supply and demand. Complexity is the link.

Complexity isn’t and shouldn’t be the “abstract concept” that most people appear to think. It is just that we have come to take so much about our lives for granted.

It will explain to you why the development of a means of quantifying complexity is so significant and why I established Ontonix UK. It is, has to be, about our mission to make things safer and better for all of us.

There can be no excuse for ignoring, overlooking or failing to understand that, without the problem-solving ability that complexity brings, little that we take for granted, would be available to us.

Every dynamic system has a current and upper, sustainable threshold of complexity and Ontonix can measure both. When you watch the video you will grasp the power and significance of what our Founder, Dr Jacek Marczyk and his colleagues, have developed.

Watch this PLEASE! If it doesn’t give you a new depth of understanding about  you, me, us and our civilisation at every stage in our development you had best stick to X Factor.

Complexity – Risk – Uncertainty – Interdependence – Transparency – Trust

There was a problem with displaying the Vimeo player but don’t let that put you off. Try this link. The video may not change your life but it will certainly make sense of some elements!

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