Changes to air cargo security will have repercussions

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What will be the impact upon Global Supply Chain in the short and medium term? How well equipped are organisations to cope with disruption and delay. Or, more significantly, the financial impact of events outwith the scope of their anticipation, control and measurement, upon their own and their customers’ business?

Black Swans: A Corporate Governance “blind spot”

How many have really assessed “their fitness”? I suspect that, as the focus for so long has been “lean”, that some will be so fragile that, failure is inevitable…but the only way to know where an the operation stands – how structurally robust it is – is to measure it. That is precisely what we, at Ontonix, are able to do!

The discovery of two bomb devices en route to the US has resulted in proposals to tighten air cargo security. Yet, without standard security measures which are internationally applicable, this will be difficult to enforce. Meanwhile, more stringent restrictions may adversely impact wider economies as a whole, with many sectors depending on timely cargo deliveries.

The recent events in the air cargo industry, where two bomb devices originating in Yemen were intercepted by security officials in Dubai and the UK on their way to the US, have shaken the foundations of air freight to its core. Apart from passenger safety considerations, the air cargo industry and the impact on the wider economy are at stake. Furthermore, most passenger airlines carry air cargo in the belly of the plane, so the threat applies to both areas of air transport. Global volume for the air freight industry is estimated to reach almost 200 billion freight tonne kilometres in 2010, of which a substantial percentage is carried on passenger aircrafts…

Read more at Datamonitor Research Store – Changes to air cargo security will have repercussions.

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