Interdependence: Academic collaboration helps profits

Forth Rail Bridge 

Image by isoLord via Flickr

Inter-connectedness doesn’t always have to manifest itself in terms such as “contagion” and “systemic risk”.

The upside occurs with a clear, common, goal, transparency and shared values. INTERDEPENDENCE. Much of our business community has been too self-absorbed to realise that they have their part to play. Believing, perhaps, that this was someone else’s responsibility.

BUT this is only one span in bridge back to economic prosperity for this country…and others.

Whilst I welcome the findings I wonder how much could have been achieved by utilising the £3m to start to re-build the bridge!?

I have an outline plan for just such a project – including the vital remaining spans – but need a vehicle, the buy-in and funding to get something started so if anyone has any bright ideas, suggestions, are keen to learn more or contribute I would be delighted to hear from you.

Community framework for: communication; contribution; cultivation; conversation; collaboration; co-creation

Collaborations between businesses and universities help companies become more competitive, according to a study.

The research suggests firms benefit from increased profitability and market share and are six times more likely to produce innovative products.

The findings form part of the £3 million three-year Impact of Higher Education Institutions on Regional Economies initiative coordinated by the University of Strathclyde.

The initiative involves researchers from 17 institutions investigating how universities affect life, business and the economy across the UK.

Professor Jeremy Howells said: “Over the last 25 years, there has been a growing interest from government in encouraging the development of relationships between higher education institutions and the business sector.

“This has moved beyond a simple focus on the commercialisation of new inventions to a recognition that universities have a wider role to play in supporting innovation, developing capabilities in human capital and knowledge exchange, building networks and in supporting business growth and the wider economy.

“Our research has shown that collaborations between companies and universities have a strong, positive effect on innovation, productivity and the development of new methods, skills and techniques.

“It is clear that university-business collaborations have a wide range of benefits, and can play an important role in increasing the competitiveness of regional economies.’

Academic collaboration helps profits – Business 7.

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