Create your own job satisfaction and be a change agent..

Another factor in what I describe as complexity paralysis within organisations. THINK ABOUT IT…where does “going with the flow” get you? Swimming against the tide takes “strength”, can be exhilarating will make you feel better, can help others and much, much more…


Has your workplace sunken you into a quagmire of broken practices, cranky managers, or a shrinking public purse?


Few deny that frustrations follow from spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Stress that increasingly bombards workplaces, also lowers brainpower. If that watch-your-back syndrome consumes your time and talent, you are not alone.Innovation Brainpower in Opposites


Polls show that less that 25% of people find their work satisfying anymore – an all time low. Problems follow when people bring poorly wired reactions to challenges, and it may appear impossible to resolve issues or embrace growth. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Not that you’ll change an entire organisation overnight, but your own courage to act, can create a climate to change and grow.

Create new neural networks – available only to those who act on opposites. Those who act counter to conflicts, for instance, fuel new engines to drive curiosity and offer calm solutions. Tone skills skip over problems, to regain lost brainpower through cultivating a language and caring climate.


Imagine a workplace that builds more on people’s strengths, and you’ll be staring down problems that prevent growth.


Examples on the original blog are worth a look.


Some people may think you are mad but how long can they resist without good reason?

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