EU: Eurozone Structural Fragility Report – Q2 2010

Our complexity-based technology allows us to measure the fragility of the structure not only of corporations but also of the economies of single nations as well as of systems of nations. In an increasingly complex and turbulent world, taking a systems-centric approach is crucial if we are to develop a resilient and sustainable economy.


Based on publicly available macro-economic data Ontonix measures the fragility of the structure of the economy of each of the EU member states as well as of the entire system. A comprehensive report is published every quarter.


It is important to point out that an economy can possess a highly fragile structure and yet perform well from a financial standpoint. These two aspects are in fact uncoupled. A highly fragile system is obviously more exposed than a resilient one and exhibits lower chances of survival in a turbulent economy. A measure of fragility provides, therefore, new and crucial insight into the dynamics of a country’s economy.



Q4 2009 EU Structural Fragility Report. Download FREE sample copy here.


Q2 2010 EU Structural Fragility Report. NOW AVAILABLE for €199. Contact us to obtain a copy.

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