Eurozone Structural “stability” @ 18:15, 26/11/10

At Ontonix we track in real-time the twelve major EU stock markets and compute the Ontix meta-index (which is also displayed in real-time on the home page of our main site). Yesterday (Friday) was a bad day for the EU markets – see the corresponding plot and Complexity Map below, taken at 18:15:


See the ONE-STAR rating, reflecting a state of huge collective turbulence:


Available NOW is our, unique, updated analysis for Eurozone (27) Structural Fragility Quarter 2 2010.

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OntoMed receives the TiE Midwest 20 Industry Award in the software segment

I recently reported that OntoMed were award winners in USA and by clicking on the company logo you will see the photographic evidence and details of some significant developments throughout 2010. Well done Bala!

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