Eurozone Structural “stability” @ 18:15, 26/11/10

At Ontonix we track in real-time the twelve major EU stock markets and compute the Ontix meta-index (which is also displayed in real-time on the home page of our main site). Yesterday (Friday) was a bad day for the EU markets – see the corresponding plot and Complexity Map below, taken at 18:15:


See the ONE-STAR rating, reflecting a state of huge collective turbulence:


Available NOW is our, unique, updated analysis for Eurozone (27) Structural Fragility Quarter 2 2010.

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OntoMed receives the TiE Midwest 20 Industry Award in the software segment

I recently reported that OntoMed were award winners in USA and by clicking on the company logo you will see the photographic evidence and details of some significant developments throughout 2010. Well done Bala!

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Paul Mason: Alien 2010 – will this toxic spillage burn through the Euro?

He always delivers value and this is no exception!

(c) Paul Mason 2010

In the original Alien movie (1979) there is a scene that illustrates the problem we’ve been facing since September 2008, and which is coming to a head now (I’ve produced a handy graphic opposite).

Somebody stabs the alien: but its blood is acid. It burns through the floor of one deck and one character realises: "that cr*p’s gonna burn through the hull!"

They run to the next floor, but it’s already burning through to the next deck. Finally it stops: the acidic properties neutralised through interaction with the metal decks, the air, the demands of Hollywood storytelling.In the global financial crisis the acid is toxic debt.

The first thing it hits is the real economy: output, trade and the stock markets, which tank in the last two months of 2008 at the same rate as during the post-1929 crash. The acid quickly burns through here.

via BBC – Newsnight: Paul Mason: Alien 2010: will this toxic spillage burn through the Euro?.

Standard & Poor’s update rating for Ireland

Following  agreement to the 85 billions Euro bailout, Ireland is still “A” rated. I sincerely hope that the Eurozone crisis has been permanently averted and have no wish to see their cost of borrowing increase BUT surely “C” is a more credible rating!?

Lehman Bros was “AAA” rated just before their collapse.

Still, at least S&P are working to improve things stay relevant.

S&P Rating strata: Read more of this post

EU: Eurozone Structural Fragility Report – Q2 2010

Our complexity-based technology allows us to measure the fragility of the structure not only of corporations but also of the economies of single nations as well as of systems of nations. In an increasingly complex and turbulent world, taking a systems-centric approach is crucial if we are to develop a resilient and sustainable economy.


Based on publicly available macro-economic data Ontonix measures the fragility of the structure of the economy of each of the EU member states as well as of the entire system. A comprehensive report is published every quarter.


It is important to point out that an economy can possess a highly fragile structure and yet perform well from a financial standpoint. These two aspects are in fact uncoupled. A highly fragile system is obviously more exposed than a resilient one and exhibits lower chances of survival in a turbulent economy. A measure of fragility provides, therefore, new and crucial insight into the dynamics of a country’s economy.



Q4 2009 EU Structural Fragility Report. Download FREE sample copy here.


Q2 2010 EU Structural Fragility Report. NOW AVAILABLE for €199. Contact us to obtain a copy.

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