CEO = Ceiling of Extreme Opacity? (via insuranceguild)

Unfortunately, it is a recurring theme and this excellent blog item sums up the nature and extent of the problem.

This piece follows on (from a banking perspective) from my own, more broad based, recent blog:

Who ever thought risk was optional?

The PRESSING NEED for cultural change is apparent but I suspect we are going to have to wait until the next (imminent!) crisis…or maybe the one after that…to witness the wholesale acknowledgement that there is a difference between saying and doing the right thing.

In the meantime it’s “business as usual”

The IRM Chairman’s very interesting article on risk culture in the December 2010 Risk Professional Journal spurred me to pen this piece[i]. It has become something of a cliché in risk management to talk of ‘setting the tone from the top.’ In reality, how many organisations really practice what they preach? It is quoted that the most remarkable finding of the RiskMinds 2009 Risk Managers’ Survey was that, ‘risk professionals – on theRead More

via insuranceguild

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