WikiLeaks’ Most Terrifying Revelation: Just How Much Our Government Lies to Us

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I am not an American citizen but I really don’t believe that "Government lies", particularly when it comes to warmongering,  are exclusively the domain of US! This is a matter that should concern every “global citizen”:

As important as is the issue of free speech, it is the question of whether the U.S. Executive is in fact protecting the American people through its mass murder abroad that really lies at the heart of the Wikileaks controversy. Executive Branch officials justify persecuting and threatening to murder Assange on the grounds that he has damaged U.S. "national security." If McChrystal is right, however, it is the past decade of U.S. Executive mass murder in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, now revealed beyond any doubt by Wikileaks, that is the real threat to U.S. national security.

I have been engaged in a lively debate on Linkedin:

"Is Julian Assange a vigilante free thinker and advocate for free press and open political disclosure or…a threat?"

Everyone is entitled to express their own opinion and many have. I have mine. I express it and am happy to provide evidence of the basis of my views because I am open to discussion and debate in the hope that I may learn, or, at least, share knowledge from which others may learn.

However, I find it alarming just how many educated people are happy to accept that the issue is – as their Government have portrayed it – the real or imagined danger to innocent people, etc. as a result of Assange/WikiLeaks actions…

…nasty, evil, man for exposing that, what had been reported was contradicted by the recorded facts, inconvenient truth, etc. call it what you will!

I know (or have read) of the reaction when one challenges the belief system that someone holds dear. That are blind to the most straightforward illustrations of the key factors, avoid questions that provoke contrary thought and become more entrenched in-spite of the weight of contradictory evidence. All of a sudden I am wondering why I am writing this knowing what I know!

But still I am amazed when the emerging through the, tried-and-tested, cynical smokescreen of political outrage is the messenger rather than the perpetrator!!!

These Wikileaks documents thus raise the most fundamental question citizens can ask themselves: to what extent to citizens of a democracy owe their allegiance to autocratic leaders who obtain the consent of their citizens through massive duplicity? And to what extent can they trust either their judgement or their decency?

Americans may find themselves increasingly pondering such questions in coming years, as economic decline and future terrorist attacks cause U.S. elites to bring home the authoritarian mindset that has caused so much damage abroad. It seems certain that American democracy will face greater challenges than at any time since the country’s founding.

But that is a long-term question. The key question now is whether Americans can hear the sound of suffering their leaders are causing abroad, as at this very moment innocent men, women and children are being murdered and maimed in what the Red Cross describes as the greatest civilian carnage since the Russians invaded 30 years ago.

Julian Assange should be applauded not persecuted for hearing the sound of their suffering.

Do we?

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