Niall Ferguson: An Evolutionary Approach to Financial History (via Catagenesis)

The Lorenz attractor is an example of a non-li...

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There is very little I can add to this (that I haven’t already said before on numerous occasions!):

…Ferguson references Schumpeter as well as other pioneering thinkers on the intersection of the natural world / evolutionary processes and the monetary/economic/financial worlds.

Those who recognize that markets & economies are complex systems, who also understand what complex systems are and how they work, are really the only people who are even getting close to an approximation of reality.

Embedded below is a short clip from a video of a lecture given by Harvard economic historian & theorist Niall Ferguson.  Ferguson discusses many topics which are of interest to this blog – non-linear dynamics and complex systems in the realm of money, finance & economics. Looking at the economy & financial markets through the lens of evolutionary processes provides valuable insights.  For example, Ferguson references Schumpete … Read More

via Catagenesis

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