Understanding Complexity will make sense of so much that is evaporating..

…before your very eyes!

As I have declared before I am not a person normally given to viewing a glass as half empty but I am scared (and appalled) by the number of people who see the level of liquid in their glass, despite the rapidly melting ice* and vapour, as acceptable, simply  because the people who have, historically, managed the ambient temperature tell you that the thermostat isn’t broken. It’s just awaiting repair and should be sorted “quite soon”!

Ask about how, when or at what cost and you will find that a satisfactory answer is difficult to come by. Cast your mind back to other “maintenance issues” and you may see a pattern emerging. You may realise that the quality of management has deteriorated whilst their costs have risen. They may have been greedy and taken on too many maintenance and repair contracts but still enjoy the benefit of your trust.

Even when someone tells you and provides documentary evidence that they have been consistently  failing in their duties, lying to you (and others with whom they have contracts), falsifying records and much, much worse.

Look more closely and you will see that the liquid is evaporating. Lots of tiny “bubbles” rising, popping and cascading droplets beyond the rim of the glass from which you, your family, community, employees or co-workers have to drink to sustain yourselves.

At what point do YOU say enough is enough and take steps to ensure that you and yours aren’t deprived of the life-giving liquid???

If this little analogy doesn’t make much sense to you, then, you may be beyond salvation and X Factor may satisfy your thirst…for the time being!

If you want the truth the “system” is screwed. Your tolerance and “maintenance fees” are the only reality.

If your local paper, The Times, Financial Times, Telegraph, WCJ or New York Times presented you with the evidence of the lies you were being fed would you believe them more readily than if it were WikiLeaks? Julian Assange is both reporter and paper boy. Perhaps unworthy of the notoriety he now has but certainly guilty of informing you of what you need to know about those in your employ.

Do not be persuaded otherwise, Because, contrary to what you may have been told, this isn’t a newspaper circulation war or the efforts of a new property maintenance company intent upon replacing the current incumbents. This is about the future wellbeing of you and yours

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety

Benjamin Franklin (1775)

It is the system that is broken NOT the media!

The Automatic Earth is a blog that, unlike others that tend to deal with financial or socio-economic issues, tell it how it is. DO YOUR FAMILY A FAVOUR and watch the video.

Below I have included an extract from one of their (consistently excellent) recent blog items that, I hope, will give you some flavour of just why I keep referring to systems and why understanding the basics of “Chaos Theory” and complexity are so important in everything that we are and do.

(*The melting ice in the glass is significant and, If you want to know why, just ask – but the clues are there)

A blog worthy of tribute and a poignant video especially for US citizens

Perhaps what we need as a society is a better understanding of “efficiency”, since it is such a key aspect of all complex systems. Take the human body, for example, which is perhaps the most complex life form that has evolved on Earth. After increasing specialization and inter-connection of various bodily components through millions of years of evolution, the systems of the human body have become extremely efficient at their specific functions. The arteries, veins and capillaries of the cardiovascular system have evolved an intricate fractal design that competently delivers oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s cells as necessary.

What’s important to understand is that every systemic component of the body has a specific function that serves to keep the body alive, growing and relatively stable over periods of time. These functions take place without any regard to concepts of fairness or equality. If my individual skin cells had an emergent sense of self-aware conscience (like me), then they would probably be very upset with my brain cells, which are much fewer in number and receive a disproportionate share of my resource intake (the brain receives 20% of the body’s blood). In fact, the comfortable brain cells typically remain alive for a person’s entire lifetime, while the average skin cell lasts for about a couple of weeks before it dies off and is replaced.

This systems theoretical framework of understanding applies just as well to our global economic, social, cultural and political structures. These evolved systems are amazingly efficient at keeping the overarching human civilization “alive”, growing and relatively stable. Consistent material growth is achieved by exploiting limited resources and concentrating such resources in centralized structures through various mechanisms of action. Just as a biological species must eventually adapt to its surroundings or go extinct, human socioeconomic systems that are inefficient at promoting consistent growth/concentration will be marginalized, modified or replaced…

The full article is here.

We, at Ontonix, can add some unique information to this piece. Our technology is already being deployed, to the benefit of both human and a variety of socio-economic systems. As a result of our ground-breaking work we are able to provide some Complexity Facts that are common to complex adaptive systems.

If you would like to learn more PLEASE feel free to get in touch with me or visit the Ontonix website.

Our Mission is clear.

2 Responses to Understanding Complexity will make sense of so much that is evaporating..

  1. Lauren says:

    Very interesting blog!

  2. Thanks Lauren,,,can I assume you intend to subscribe? Your choice.

    Stick with that formal University stuff or learn from a, genuinely, enquiring (not formally-trained)?

    BIG call! So I will forgive you if you do both, safe in the knowledge that you have the love and respect of a proud parent in your “corner”.

    Dad xxxx

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