Hey, hey it’s "Davos time" again!

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Now, I do consider that I have a pretty well informed and balanced view of the world! If I didn’t believe that to be true I would not have the nerve to write this blog on as wide a range of topics – NO it’s not all about complexity!

In case there are any doubters I suggest you read these words of wisdom.

As you do, kindly refrain from thoughts of “oh no, he’s off again..”

2011 will be a decisive year. We will finally see whether we have learned the lesson or whether we continue to take decisions and behave as if the exuberance of the pre-crisis world would return.

It is a year where we should definitively recognize that we live in a completely new reality. The context for global cooperation, for national policies and for business models has substantially if not fundamentally changed. New movers have emerged at a much greater speed than previously foreseen. The Millennials, a generation born digital, will have a much stronger impact on social behaviour than we currently assume. Global climate change and resource security will influence our lives in substantial ways. The most decisive success factors on the global, national and business level will be the ability to anticipate, manage and mitigate risks. Read more of this post