Transparency – Trust – Trends – TRANSFORMATION

Sadly, the only thing that has changed since I wrote this (nearly 1 year ago now) is that we haven’t started the recovery because, courtesy of a General Election and Quantitative Easing…storing up MORE DEBT…we were "conned" into believing that things were going to get better.

I fear the bottom line is that the money that has been pumped into the economy (primarily what has gone into the banks) has only served to inflate "new" bubbles.

Roll on 2012!

Transparency – Trust – Trends – TRANSFORMATION Even I am getting fed up listening to the messages that keep going around in my head and sometimes wonder how much EVIDENCE it will take to get the message across…THAT THE FINANCIAL SECTOR & PROFESSIONAL FIRMS THAT ARE “EARLY ADOPTERS” OF A NEWLY TRANSPARENT CULTURE WILL, NOT ONLY, SEIZE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND, BUT GRAB SOME (free) HEADLINES ALONG THE WAY AND GAIN A HUGE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. OK, SO WHAT’S EVIDENCE? Edelman Trust Barometer Wh … Read More

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UK Economy: A cynic’s summary (in a single page)

Oh how I wish I could lay claim to such a “piece”. Succinct and introducing me to a great new word “KLPETOCRACY

We are living under a volcano.

Banks have been bailed out to the tune of £3Trillion by Central Banks and Governments around the world. They have used this money for two main purposes – to speculate on commodity prices driving the cost of oil and food to record highs and to short European Government Bonds inflicting huge misery and debt on the populations of these countries.

Ordinary people are paying for the bank bail outs through cuts in public services, pay restraint, job losses and higher inflation (due to speculation and quantitative easing).

The Banks are rewarding themselves with unbelievable bonuses and pay hikes. No apologies, no jail sentences for those who caused the crash – just business as usual and the middle finger of £7Bn bonuses.

In the UK, at least £124 billion of the money we have given the banks is being scored on the National Account as government debt.

This gives the Government the excuse to inflict £81 billion of cuts and tax rises on us.

The ConDem Government promised the electorate reform of banking remuneration

But due to their funding arrangements we won’t be getting it [Link]

People are realising that we are not in fact all in it together but have instead a kleptocracy

This copied directly and in its entirety from Robert Peston’s blog on BBC. Some great comments but this one really made me smile

In the shadow of the volcano

WikiLeaks: Truly shocking revelation–is nothing sacred!?

Just the very thing to brighten to start to the working week in January.