Transparency – Trust – Trends – TRANSFORMATION

Sadly, the only thing that has changed since I wrote this (nearly 1 year ago now) is that we haven’t started the recovery because, courtesy of a General Election and Quantitative Easing…storing up MORE DEBT…we were "conned" into believing that things were going to get better.

I fear the bottom line is that the money that has been pumped into the economy (primarily what has gone into the banks) has only served to inflate "new" bubbles.

Roll on 2012!

Transparency – Trust – Trends – TRANSFORMATION Even I am getting fed up listening to the messages that keep going around in my head and sometimes wonder how much EVIDENCE it will take to get the message across…THAT THE FINANCIAL SECTOR & PROFESSIONAL FIRMS THAT ARE “EARLY ADOPTERS” OF A NEWLY TRANSPARENT CULTURE WILL, NOT ONLY, SEIZE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND, BUT GRAB SOME (free) HEADLINES ALONG THE WAY AND GAIN A HUGE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. OK, SO WHAT’S EVIDENCE? Edelman Trust Barometer Wh … Read More

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