THE moral investment banker: A true story

I continually try to put original thought into what I produce in this blog but when I stumbled upon this lecture (Doing good by doing well: Re-defining moral capitalism) from a senior Banker I thought I must have lost my mind completely! A banker…spouting this “stuff” that I recognised and could even has written myself (or at least cobbled it together from previous blogs on the subject matter).Ken Costa

Ethics, morals and faith…what’s not to love about this guy!?

Professor Kenneth Costa is, amongst other things, the Chairman of Lazard International, the UK Investment Bank and Prof. of Commerce at Gresham College.

Another interesting article by Prof Costa appeared in Wall Street Journal, in December last year. It contains useful information for ANYONE who has any intention to assume the mantle of “leader”

For Leadership, Read Stewardship

Stewardship has three elements.

First, influence. The steward manages networks of resources and information to effect change. The steward may take the initiative, but it only works if influence is a two-way street.

Second, affluence. Good stewardship is rewarded by material affluence. With it comes moral affluence—a richness of spirit flowing from a constructive reciprocity between the present and the future, the leader and the followers, the self and the still, quiet voice of conscience.

Third, confluence. Leadership has to bring people together, not as a common-denominator consensus, but in a way that enables us to grow as people.

As usual I intended to only transcribe a portion to provide a flavour and leave you to your own devices but it flowed so well and made so much sense that I just kept going but please follow the link for the full version.

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