SME’s: TEN Practical rules for good business conduct

Do yourself, your employees, your…essentially ALL YOUR STAKEHOLDERS a favour and don’t subscribe to the “cop out” or defeatist approach of “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em”!

There’s too much competition!!!

Quality has been under-appreciated for a long time but, in difficult times it will be, increasingly, in demand. OK some people will always want “cheap” but, believe me, you don’t want them as your customers because they are the first to seek fault, complain without real cause and are rarely satisfied even when a good job is done.

Appeal to a market that appreciates Quality and understands that “it” costs that little bit more but the result comes with added value. Satisfaction and peace of mind built-in. These people appreciate the difference between value and price. They will vouch for you and will promote you IF THEY KNOW THAT YOUR VALUES ARE EVIDENCED IN WHAT YOU DO AND HOW YOU DO IT.

1. Establish your core business values and stick to them or else your reputation will suffer 2. Welfare and motivation of your staff are critical to your success 3. Remember that the owner-manager’s business behaviour will be taken as a role model by staff 4. If you need a partner in the business make sure that they share both your vision and values 5. Work at your relations with customers; they neither start nor stop when the sale is made 6. Don … Read More

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