If commitments aren’t honoured the SME may be an endangered species

This article tells us what the Government’s role isn’t but I don’t think that too many business people will disagree when I say their role IS to ensure that the climate allows for growth in spite of all the Austerity measures that are now beginning to bite! A major factor in this is that the Banks that WE bailed-out honour the commitments they gave. SO far they have failed to do so and no amount of rhetoric is going to make these  facts go away…so everyone loses

It is not the Government’s role to create jobs. Their task is to create the right economic climate so that those of us in business can create the jobs the British economy needs.  It is a fact that the SME Sector provides over 65 per cent of all private sector jobs.  It is absolutely vital therefore, that this engine of economic growth that is the SME sector, is kept well maintained, oiled and fuelled for the difficult and challenging journey ahead.

However, many of the entrepreneurs I talk to on a regular basis, have told me over the last six to nine months that they have now decided to focus all of their time and effort on consolidation and debt reduction rather than expansion.  Generally they seem to have reached that conclusion based on current bank attitudes. This is not what we want or need if we are to move the UK economy forward…

Is the SME sector an endangered species? – Business 7.

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