What was Machiavelli talking about?

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Or is it really important to know? Because many of his words are so profound that they transcend disciplines, scenarios and centuries!

“…in its beginning it is easy to cure, but hard to recognise; whereas, after a time, not having been detected and treated at the first, it becomes easy to recognise but impossible to cure.”

– Niccolo Machiavelli

If I had attributed the statement to: a respected Economist on the subject of sources of the global banking crisis or sovereign debt; an experienced Political commentator about the situation in Egypt;  a GP, talking about Cholesterol; an Oncologist, talking about cancer; an ecologist on global warming; an accident investigator identifying the cause of a man-made disaster; or one of my colleagues referring to business complexity, there may be some scope to debate the finer points but not the “essence” of the message!

Prevention is better than cure!

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Fund Strategy Magazine: Complexity lessons from nature…revisited

Some cynics may say that I am re-visiting this blog item because it is coming up for the anniversary of its publication. WRONG.

Others could speculate that I have (finally) run out of things to say – you don’t know me very well! WRONG.

It is because it says what needs to be said, read and understood in order for some to avoid certain extinction and for others as a template from which to build a successful business in the future.

Fund Strategy Magazine: Complexity lessons from nature for a better economic future…
In case you thought that “complexity management” is just more mumbo jumbo from the financial sector I suggest that you read the following piece and any of my previous blogs on the subject of complexity. Complexity analysis, mapping and management is available NOW and, if a business leader is intent upon gaining a greater insight into their operations, making more informed decisions, managing more effectively, gaining competitive advantage and “st … Read More

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