Bertrand Russell’s wisdom

Should it be a criminal offence to attempt hijack wisdom imparted by the likes of Russell, Einstein, Ghandi and Confucius for use as a political smokescreen?

Or should I not worry because the acronym for “Big Society” says all that people need to know?

Mind you when you consider that most religions have corrupted the words contained in their own Holy texts to suit their earthly purposes perhaps it explains why so many people readily “buy-in” to a host of alternative philosophies and schools of thought .

Why do we choose to ignore such wisdom?
SO let me paraphrase this…if I dare…not that it is really necessary!:
If we are to survive (sustainability) in an increasingly inter-connected (complex: domain, nation, religion, industry, etc. at every level) world, we need to learn from facts (verifiable & transparent), be empathetic and work together (interdependence).
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