An atomic theory of business size

Now, anyone who has read my blog before, knows that I adore the consistent simplicity and wisdom of Seth Godin. But he really has stuck it to me this time! For almost 2 weeks I have been working on a blog article about this very subject (and a bit more). Please understand that am not  talking about every hour of every day or even every other day but I just can’t get it right. I’m still not happy with it!

I just have to content myself with other efforts that have worked.

Anyway, until I get my act together and unleash THE article that explains a penny or  £1 as “information agents”, deals with mickles, mackles, fractals, self-similarity and recruitment, you will just have to make do with Seth’s words…definitely a simplified version. Maybe that’s where I have been going wrong!?

Drat. Damn you Seth Godin!!!

The magic of the periodic table is that every atom is one thing or another–there isn’t a stable element that’s sort of oxygen and sort of nitrogen. If there were, there would be millions of elements, not a few hundred.


That’s because electrons are (more or less) either here or there. The quantum levels ensure that there are no weird hybrids.

A business follows a similar model. A local mom and pop store is just the right size for mom and for pop. The rent is low enough for the two of them to cover it. It’s stable. They can’t afford a $200,000 a year CFO. It wouldn’t be a stable situation. Read more of this post